Meet Tonya Rutter

Quantum Energy Master

Consciousness Facilitator

Teacher of the Diamond Light Health Codes

Goddess of Light

Master of Energy, specializing in energy manipulation and transformation 

Soul Magic Coach

Tonya Rutter began discovering her soul abilities when her daughter started on a downward spiral of myriad health issues that stumped multiple experts and doctors. During this time, Tonya began an awakening journey that showed her where her daughter's health issues originated from. Tonya experienced the magic and power of the soul, which allowed her to set her daughter on a healing path.


Tonya is now a Goddess of Light and Master of Energy. She has a unique ability of being able to manipulate light and energy within the body.  She gently guides her students into experiencing their Infinite Selves by showing them they're more than a physical body, more than a rational mind, and that disease is created from the energies of the emotional baggage carried over from memories of the soul that are held within each cell. She assists her clients in breaking the chains that bind them to the negative energies that keep them hostage, so they can free themselves from disease and experience the power they hold within.   

Tonya is also an author of dark adult urban fantasy. Click HERE to order her book, Blood Promise, for your reading enjoyment!

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