Your Body will HEAL ITSELF … as soon as You hold the Point of View that it will.

YOU are an Infinite Being having an experience of ‘being physical’. ‘Physical’ appears to be a limitation … a ‘solidness’ … something that is not easily changeable. From inside our BODIES, we appear to be 'locked inside' the body ... separate from everyone and everything around us. This causes us to feel vulnerable and often times afraid. THIS, my friends is the GRAND ILLUSION.

We are INFINITE, NON-PHYSICAL BEINGS … we are NOT 'separated from' or ‘at risk of’ … anything! We are NOT ‘sick’, ‘broken’, ‘wrong’, ‘victims’ or ‘lacking’ … none of those things are TRUE … they are part of the GRAND ILLUSION.

As Infinite Beings, we cannot possibly be ‘not okay’.

When we PERCEIVE and BELIEVE that we are ‘not okay’ … that becomes our EXPERIENCE. However, that is only our Experience … it is NOT our TRUTH … it is only our Point of View that gets played out in our physical experience.

Our experience of the PHYSICAL WORLD is a DIRECT REFLECTION of our Point of View. We experience exactly what we beLIEve to be true … whether it is actually true or not (according to universal truth).

When we beLIEve that there is something wrong with our BODIES, we go into fear … and we try to ‘fix’ whatever it is that we perceive to be ‘wrong’. We try to ‘heal’ the physical structure.

What we DON’T REALIZE is that the BODY is ENERGY … that is SHAPE-SHIFTING ITSELF to reflect our Point of View. This is the Body’s JOB.

When You hold the Point of View that things are ‘not okay’ … Your Body reflects that.

When You KNOW that You are an Infinite Being and that ALL IS WELL … Your Body will reflect THAT.

There is nothing ‘wrong’ with your Body … it is doing its job perfectly!

There is nothing ‘wrong’ with YOU, either! … And as soon as You emBODY this Point of View … Your Body will HEAL ITSELF (because that is its job, too).

SOUL SCHOOL starts in January. It is designed to help you change your Point of View. It will show you the BIGGER PICTURE … of Who You Are, what Your Body really is (energy) and how to rapidly change that energy … by changing your perceptions.

Your Body is designed to HEAL ITSELF … but it can’t do that when you’re locked into the Point of View that ‘there’s something wrong with it’!

There are some mass-conscious ASSUMPTIONS about our Bodies and about ‘disease’ that are keeping us locked in patterns of chronic 'not okay-ness'. We will show you these … so that you can see them clearly and un-lock yourself from them … so that your Body can finally HEAL itself.

If You are on the Spiritual path but are still struggling with your Health, this Course is for YOU!

We are offering a ~25% DISCOUNT ~plus BONUS Coaching to those who enroll by DECEMBER 1st, 2019.


Use this link TODAY to schedule a conversation with Me (Lisa Warner) or Tonya Rutter to find out how SOUL SCHOOL can CHANGE YOUR LIFE. (We also offer Private Coaching Packages.)


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