The Importance of Changing the Medical Mindset

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

In today’s society, we’re inundated with messages about ‘cancer’ and other ‘diseases’. We’re told that we have to protect and defend ourselves from them, and that if we ‘contract’ one, then we have to fight our way out with pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy, radiation or radical surgery … or a combination of all of them.

Although this is the overriding ’truth’ at this time, this ‘truth’ is about to change.


Because humanity is waking up. We have entered the time of our Ascension, and as our frequency raises so does our level of awareness. The Consciousness of humanity is changing, and as it changes, our perceptions expand … and we begin to see things that we have not previously been able to see.

This is what is happening when it comes to our physical Bodies and our Health. We are beginning to understand that ‘health’ is not just about the Physical Body … but also includes the Mental and Emotional Bodies that surround and permeate the Physical Body. These Bodies are layers of energy that we don’t readily see with our eyes, so we have not been aware of their presence … and their direct impact on our physicality.

We all understand about Mental Health, and have a vague idea of what Emotional Health would be, and are aware that we are ‘Body, Mind and Soul’, yet for the most part, most humans have not yet fully connected the dots.

What most humans don’t yet understand is that we are NOT merely ‘human’ … meaning that We are not these physical Bodies and We are not ‘just’ this one personality or this one life story. We are Infinite, Non-Physical Beings who have many other experiences besides just this one physical lifetime. These physical Bodies are the vehicles that We are using to have this experience in the physical realm … and the experience that We have … is completely up to us!

Most humans might disagree with this last statement, as much of what happens in our lives seems to be ‘out of our hands’ … that we have no control over the circumstances of our lives. But this is not at all true. We simply have not understood how our life circumstances are being generated. We haven’t put the pieces together yet to see that it is We, OurSelves, who are generating our circumstances … including our physical Health.

When something seems to be going ‘wrong’ with our Physical Bodies, we automatically assume that there is something wrong with our Body … so we set out to try to ‘fix’ the problem.

But where is the problem coming from?

The body didn’t begin to ‘malfunction’ out of the blue. Something precipitated the Body’s actions. So I ask again: where is the ‘problem’ coming from?

The ‘problem’ in the Physical Body is not stemming from the Physical Body. The ‘problem’ in the Physical Body is being generated by a mis-alignment of the Mental and Emotional Bodies, which occurs when we have been thinking thoughts and harboring emotions that are out-of-alignment with the Truth of Who We Are as Infinite Beings. When Body, Mind and Soul are in alignment, all is well … but when they are out-of-alignment, ‘wobbles’ begin to appear in our physical reality, including in our physical bodies.

Just as a car ‘wobbles’ when the wheels are out-of-alignment, our realities ‘wobble’ when WE are out-of-alignment with our Soul Truth. When a car begins to ‘wobble’ as the wheels go out of alignment, we don’t try to fix the wheels themselves (because there is nothing wrong with the wheels) … we fix the alignment.

The ‘wobbles’ in our Physical Bodies (that are called ‘cancer’ and ‘disease’) are the crystallization of the mis-alignments of the Mental and Emotional Bodies … mis-alignments of our energy. Therefore, trying to ‘fix’ the physical Body is like trying to ‘fix’ the wheels of the car that is wobbling rather than fixing the alignment.

The current ‘medical mindset’ is looking only at the ‘wheels’ … and not at the mis-alignment that is causing the ‘wheels’ to ’wobble’. Meaning: that they are only looking at the physical symptoms … and are not taking into consideration the mis-aligned energies that are causing the physical issues.

The science of German New Medicine has clinically proven that for every type of ‘disease’ in the Body, there is a directly corresponding emotional conflict (referred to as ‘conflict shock’). An emotional conflict is the hallmark of an energy mis-alignment. For each specific type of conflict or mis-alignment, a specific body part/organ/system is programmed to respond. The lungs respond to ‘death frights’, the skin responds to ‘separation conflicts’, bones and joints respond to self-devaluation issues … and so on. The Physical Body is pointing directly at the mis-alignment. To ‘fix’ the Body, we must ‘fix’ the mis-alignment.

The current ‘medical mindset’ dictates that when physical symptoms arise, that the Body is being ‘attacked’ by, or has ‘contracted’ a ‘disease’. This flawed rationale puts us in ‘victim’ mentality. We feel as if we’re being attacked … which keeps us locked in ‘survival mode’ … and we’re not here to ‘survive’ life … we’re here to LIVE … joyfully and abundantly. We have the capacity to THRIVE!

But when We begin reacting to and trying to fight our physical circumstances … our attention to the ‘disease’ precludes us from being aware that the physical circumstances are being generated from a mis-alignment within our very Being.

By following the flawed logic of ‘contracting’ illness and disease, we place illness and disease as things that come from the outside … and we fail to see that the ‘disease’ is coming from within.

The first step to permanent healing is to step away from the mass-consciousness programming … so that we can see the bigger picture. ‘Disease consciousness’ keeps us looking at ‘disease’ … which simply keeps us locked into the victim mentality of being attacked by, and having to constantly fight ‘diseases’ in the physical Body … which keeps us from seeing the real ‘problem … and the very simple solution to the ‘problem’.

Are YOU ready to step out of the current ‘medical mindset’ so that you can bring Your Self back into alignment? When you bring your Mental and Emotional Bodies back into alignment, your Physical Body will heal itself … automatically.

If you are currently experiencing ‘cancer’, for instance, it means that your energy is currently vibrating in harmony with ‘cancer’ … that your energy is aligned with ‘cancer’ (or whatever ‘disease’ you are currently facing).

To experience vibrant Health … you must align your energy with ‘vibrant health’ … you have to vibrate in harmony with vibrant health. It can be no other way. Everything that we experience in the physical realm … is an exact match to our energy and vibration. We cannot experience things that we are not aligned with.

When you learn how to manage and fine tune your energy … when you learn how to align your energy with the things that you desire … You become the Master Healer of your Body … and the Conscious Creator of Your Reality.

‘Healing’ happens through a re-alignment of energy … not through ‘fixing the body’. Your Body is not ‘broken’! Your energy is simply out-of-alignment. It’s time to wake up and see beyond the overriding ‘medical mindset’ … so that You can align Your Energy with the vibrant Health that you desire!

Lisa Warner is the author of “The Simplicity of Self-Healing” and healed her body by stepping away from the medical mindset. She no longer relies on the medical industry for her health, as she is able to re-align her Mental and Emotional Bodies if and when physical symptoms arise, and is able to consciously generate her health from within.

Tonya Rutter is a natural-born healer and intuitive who was able to lead her daughter back to health after doctors and specialists were unable to find causes or cures for her unique (and debilitating) autoimmune imbalance.

Together, Lisa and Tonya have formed Soul Sourced Healing, LLC, a company specializing in Quantum Self-Healing. They teach the process of working in the non-physical (quantum) realms of the Mental and Emotional Bodies to heal and rejuvenate the Physical Body.

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Look beyond the current medical mindset to align with Your intrinsic WellBeing.


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