Is a Chronic Health Issue Preventing Your ASCENSION?

We can’t move into life in the 5-D and beyond while we’re ‘battling’ some chronic health issue.


Because that ‘issue’ grabs our full attention and keeps our focus on the ‘problem’ … which exists in the 3-D. Therefore, our focus gets ‘trapped’ in the 3-D … and prevents us from moving our attention point into the 5-D. It STOPS us from Ascending.

The only reason that we get stuck ‘battling’ with a chronic health issue is because we can’t see HOW to UN-CREATE it.

We are CREATOR Beings … and anything that we Create, we can also UN-Create.

The simple, basic facts of the matter are:

~ We are each creating our own reality

~ We each have MUCH MORE CONTROL over what happens in our Bodies than we’ve been lead to beLIEve

~ We CREATE by using our ENERGY and our EMOTIONS

Therefore, we can also UN-CREATE by changing our Energy and our Emotions.

Letting go of our Emotional Baggage (changing our Energy and Emotions) … to Create the Happy, Healthy Body we desire … is actually a simple, mechanical process. But it’s a process that needs to be:

~ understood

~ implemented and

~ practiced.

The FASTEST path to Health and Happiness is to LET GO of the negative Energies and Emotions that are CAUSING your dis-comfort and dis-ease.

The negative energies ARE NOT YOURS … they are not in Harmony with Who You Are as a Being, which is why they FEEL BAD. Let them go!

When You let go of these negative patterns, You automatically ASCEND … into the Greater Truth of Who You Are. You move into the Health, Wealth, Happiness, Peace, Ease, Harmony and Balance that are YOURS by nature.

As soon as You Remember Who You Really Are … You will experience Your Own Health, Wealth and Happiness … always.

Don't let a chronic health issue PREVENT You from BEING Who You Really Are!


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