Meet Lisa Warner

Quantum Self-Healing Specialist

Author of the Simplicity of Self-Healing

Teacher of the Consciousness of Self-Healing

Master Alchemist, specializing in transforming disease into radiant health

Access Bars® Practitioner

Lisa Warner is the author of The Simplicity of Self-Healing, which she wrote after she healed her body after facing ‘cancer’. She intuitively understood that stress had caused her physical issues, so she decided to heal herself by addressing the underlying causes of her physical ‘dis-ease’. As she cleared the underlying causes, her Body healed itself … naturally.

She assists her clients and readers to clear out their emotional baggage … and align themselves with their own Higher Truths … to create radiantly healthy bodies and happy lives. We do not need to be plagued with ‘cancer’ and other ‘diseases’ any longer!

Lisa is a Master Alchemist who specializes in turning ‘disease’ into Radiant Health. She now walks her students step-by-step out of ‘disease consciousness’ and into the consciousness that produces Radiant Health. She has studied Alchemy under the tutelage of Jim Self (creator of Mastering Alchemy) since 2011.

Since early childhood, Lisa was aware of other realms of consciousness, and now teaches her students how to access those higher realms of awareness in order to heal themselves from ‘cancer’ and other ‘diseases’.

Click HERE to order Lisa's book, The Simplicity of Self-Healing, to start your healing journey!

What Lisa and Tonya both learned intuitively along their journeys, scientists have now verified through Epigenetics and German New Medicine. Self-healing is built right into the Body … but we have to stop ‘fighting disease’ in order to understand how this works.

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