Circle of Healing

Join our Full Moon Healing Circle! This is a monthly group healing circle where you can ground, release, and receive energy. Each month will have a different theme based on what the energies are for that moon.

The schedule for 2019 is as such:

Monday November 11th, 7 pm ET

Thursday December 12th, 7 pm ET

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The 12.12 - 12.21 Portal (December 12th -21st) is about to open. This is an opportunity like no other in history for accelerated healing. We are each being given the opportunity to step onto a whole new timeline ... leaving the old 3-D Matrix behind.


This month's Full Moon Energy Activation will help you to step through this Portal into the highest available version of Your Self ... into an upgraded timeline. 


This time in human history is unprecedented.  New levels of Peace and WellBEing are now available, but we must be AWARE of these opportunities in order to experience them.


We will be using the Power of the FULL MOON to Amplify your intentions and Magnify the Benefits of the incoming energies. The Full Moon Lunar Energy and the 12.12 Portal energies can be harnessed to bring about deep healing and Soul-level remembrance.


We’ll be creating a vibrational field of Peace and WellBeing to harmonize your cellular structure to the higher frequency energies.


Intended Benefits:

~ Increased Sense of Internal Peace and Well BEing

~ Release lower-frequency energies

~ Amplify higher-vibrational energies

~ Open to accept the gifts that are being offered from the higher realms

~ Set the energies for the holidays and the New Year


This activation is FREE to attend and ALL ARE WELCOME to Attend. The larger the group, the more powerful the vibrational field we’ll be able to generate.


DATE: Thursday, December 12th


LOCATION: From the comfort of you own home via Zoom (link provided upon registration)



While there is no fee to join, donations are appreciated. A portion of your donation will then go from us to Heifer International, a non-profit organization that helps empower people in need around the world by providing means for them to create sustainable income while providing for their families and communities. Your donation creates an energy exchange which amplifies the energies of giving and receiving. 

We look forward to having you join us for this powerful event!

Full Moon 
Healing Circle

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