30 Days to NOT Taking on

Other People's Energy for

Peace, Wellbeing, and Happiness

How to Stop Taking on other People’s Energy

(so that you can InJoy Your Self during the Holidays!)



To empower you with simple, powerful and effective TOOLS and AWARENESSES that will allow you to:

         ~ Bring your self back into balance when something triggers you

         ~ Stop being automatically triggered by outer-world drama

         ~ Create a personal environment of Peace and WellBeing

         ~ Clear out other people’s energy from your space

         ~ Quiet the mind chatter for deeper Soul connection


What you will learn:

~ How to differentiate between energy that is Yours and energy that is      NOT Yours (it’s not always obvious!)

~ Simple, yet Powerful TOOLS that will allow you to:

         ~ Clear out energy that is not yours

         ~ Cut cords to/from other people,

                  ~ removing the ‘ties that bind’ You and inhibit You

                  ~ stopping other people from feeding off your energy

         ~ Balance and Ground Your energy

         ~ Stabilize and Enhance Your own Energy Field

         ~ Bring forth and Amplify positive energies

~ How to be the neutral observer of (rather than the effect of) the chaos of the world around you

~ How to CREATE a Vibrational Field of Well BEing for Your    Self and    others 


Course includes:

         ~ 4 (Weekly) LIVE training video calls

         ~ Private Facebook Group

         ~ Daily interaction with Lisa and Tonya in the Facebook Group where we’ll be answering your questions, giving you reminders and offering supplemental tools and guidance


The BENEFITS You’ll Receive:

         ~ Sense of EMPOWERMENT when you know how to manage your   personal energy space to maintain your sense of wellbeing without    constantly getting triggered by the world around you

         ~ A Deeper sense of Peace, Calm and Inner Knowing

         ~ A quieter mind and a deeper connection to Source within

         ~ The ability to create a space of wellbeing for your Self and others


This course will give you the tools to build a solid foundation of Well Being and is a great precursor to Soul School that starts in January.


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LIVE Trainings: 

Nov. 18 & 25

Dec.   2 & 9

TIME: 7 pm EDT 

Energy Exchange: $333 USD

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Register Below!
Live Trainings:
November 18 & 25
December   2 & 9
7 pm EST

Energy exchange for this course is $333

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